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„Fighting against grey interiors” | ATEPE

A Czech designer escapes greyness with her exciting interior designs, representing a clean visual world with her furniture. Petra Šťastná, the designer of studio ATEPE told us about her works.

Fitting furniture with ropes, minimalist lines and bold color combinations – the works of ATEPE, this one-person design studio were exhibited for the second time at Czech Designblok, held between October 7 and 11 this year. Even though visitors could see an ATEPE furniture family at the exhibition, the designer of the studio, Petra Šťastná also enjoys interior design.

As far as interior design is concerned, the client himself is always the greatest inspiration. […] I enjoy using the whole color spectrum in combination with structures to fight the ubiquitous industrial greyness of today’s interiors” – the designer told us. In the interiors of Mediteran Bistro, for example, she evoked a playful, tropical ambience in collaboration with graphic designer Alina Matejová, in which the diversity of bold colors and textures make the space truly cozy and unique.

In product design, however, she has different aspirations – she likes simple, clean and easy to manufacture solutions. She’s looking for timeless silhouettes, guiding her to the ancient solutions of furniture-making. The Tribe table collection is a good example of this, in which the tabletop and the metal legs are held together by a rope fixed with knots.

Pinot  came to light by further developing this concept, the latest product family of which was showcased to the audience at Designblok. Pinot consists of multifunctional objects that can be used as stools, tables, or even lamps.

Even though the design studio only has one member, the same as in the case of design-implementation processes in general, the end product or interior is a result of team work in the case of ATEPE projects, too: carpenters and metalworkers or the designers of other design studios are many times involved in the projects.


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