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Finnish living on the shore of Lake Ladoga | Rhizome cabins

Even though they are located in a typical northern area, the forest cabins of architect studio Rhizome very much draw on coastal landscapes and styles, too. 

The forests standing on the shore of Lake Ladoga located in the Republic of Karelia, Russia near the Finnish border truly evoke the coastal feeling: sandy beach, endless horizon and heaven-high pine trees. This landscape inspired the cabins of Saint Petersburg-based architecture studio Rhizome, too, by also preserving the typical northern elements.

The cabins are part of a complex: there are a total of fifteen of them on the area. They have identical floorplan and size, but different façades, private terraces and roof designs. The sometimes black, other times wooden fronts almost fade into the forest.

For the sake of environmental protection, all cabins are prefabricated and the modules were installed in two parts. The Finnish feeling is further amplified by the private sauna belonging to the houses accommodating up to four guests. 

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