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Folk traditions combined with the latest innovation | IENKI IENKI

The latest, innovative technologies combined with elegance and respect for traditions: the pieces of Ukrainian clothing brand IENKI IENKI are not only contemporary and comfortable garments for the winter, but also offer an insight into the traditions of the Far North.

Today it is more important than ever for a clothing brand to not only provide aesthetic and comfortable attire or operate according to sustainable principles at best, but to also engage consumers with its story. IENKI IENKI seeks to incorporate all these factors while reinterpreting the concept of winter and ski wear. Dmitrij Jevenko launched the brand in 2016 to create outerwear that is progressive in its form and don’t compromise in its quality. The brand has primarily been known for their vibrant and pastel-toned, light puffer jackets, but one can also find long skirts and headscarf-like hats evoking traditional garments in their repertoire.

And what is the brand’s main source of inspiration? The Evenki are a Tungusic people, most of whom are living in Russia and China, whose customs and traditions heavily influence IENKI IENKI’s ethos—the brand’s name also alludes to this close relationship.

The brand’s two-fold attitude also manifests in their latest fall-winter collection. The campaign showcasing the collection was inspired by two very different ways of living in the Arctic regions: that of the ancient Northern traditional peoples and that of the explorers of the Polar Circle. The concept of the photo series was a team effort between Ukrainian artists Ivan Grabko and Masha Reva as well as stylist Nadiia Shapoval: the images show motifs characteristic of the Far North such as the so-called chum, the Evenki’s traditional tapered dwelling covered in leather or birchbark; the boots named mukluk or the sunglasses that the indigenous people of the Arctic islands wore, made of small pieces of wood and animal bones.

While tradition meets a contemporary silhouette in the design of IENKI IENKI’s clothing items, they apply fairly innovative technologies in manufacturing their collection as well as in their choice of materials.

Their basic pieces include the SHEARLING coats, which combine the elements of classic shearling coat and the latest technologies used in the making of puffer jackets: their peculiarity lies in the fact that they are made of Braille, a soft material with a rugged texture that makes the coats even more airy. Innovative solutions can also be observed in the case of IENKI IENKI’s ski wear: the pieces of the SKI COLLECTION are seamless, the fabric is forged with ultrasound to protect the wearer from cold and wetness more effectively. On top, all of their ski wear items come with Recco technology to make sure that the wearer can be found easily in case of a snowstorm— this way, the items of the SKI COLLECTION are the perfect choice when skiing on isolated ski slopes.

In addition, IENKI IENKI’s certain iconic pieces are also available in a vegan version: the VEGAN products are made of ECONYL, which is a material made of recycled fishing nets, and their insides are filled with oyster shells from the Taiwan seaside.

Go and explore IENKI IENKI’s innovative and stylish winter apparel with a traditional twist on the brand’s website!

Photo, creative direction: Masha Reva & Ivan Grabko
Stylist: Nadiia Shapoval
Set design: Tanya Kantemirova (COMILFODECOR)

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