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House on the island I Prague

The Czech Edit! architect office transformed a guardhouse built during the time of the monarchy into a classic riverside house, which, if it was a little smaller, we would recommend to be included in the Eastern-European issue of cabin porn. Maybe even as it is.

The building stands on the bank of the Vltava river, and it was waiting for its fate to take a better turn in a deteriorated condition for decades. The turn came in 2018.

The “cube” covered in clinker is located on a tidal plain, on a wooded island, Císařský ostrov, which belonged to the estates of Rudolph II, and which was altered significantly when the river was regulated. A large water treatment plant was handed over in 1967 at the northwestern part of the island, however, at its southeastern part, in front of Stromovka park, where the house is situated, a nice little wooded area awaits us.

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