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HYPE | Weekly program guide

Luckily, quite eventful days await us again: we start the week with a conference, continue with an exhibition and a film club – then the selection of programs reaches its peak in the middle of the week with a showroom party, where we will celebrate slow fashion. We will close the week with an award ceremony and a Friday night exhibition, and will warm down the end of the week with a furniture-making workshop. Let’s see the details!

MOME plans to launch a new Costume and Set Design MA course, and they organized a lead-up conference for this occasion. They have invited the outstanding creators of the profession to talk about their own experiences and the current situation of costume design, and to provide first-hand information to those interested about the presence and future of the field. We recommend the event to those who already had a taste of this world and those only planning to do so, and also to those interested in the relationship between the world of theater and design.

When: February 17, 2020, 9:00-14:00

Where:  Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

More info: Event

Concrete Questions

The joint exhibition of Balázs Csizik and Kristóf Szabó – KristofLab opens on Tuesday at Hegyvidék Gallery. Identity, ecological problems, architecture and abstraction – the photo-based works of the two artists are the imprints of the observation of the living environment with social sensitivity and a visual art approach. The exhibition is part of the Budapest Photo Festival program series, which also means that soon there will be a flood of photo exhibitions and events focusing on photography. Stay tuned!

When: February 18, 2020, 18:00-20:00

Where: Hegyvidék Gallery

More info: Event

Lumen Contemporary Hungarian Film Club – Luca Tóth

Animation film director Luca Tóth completed her BA studies at MOME, and then continued studying at Royal College of Art in London. Since then, one international appearance follows another. Her diploma film titled “The Age of Curious” won the jury’s special award at Annecy International Film Festival, her short movie “Superbia” debuted at Cannes Critics Week 2016, her short movie titled “Lidérc Úr/Mr. Mare” won the jury award of BIAF festival and the Børge Ring award of Oscar nomination Odense International Film Festival, too. This Wednesday, Lumen will screen her movie, and then Luca herself will talk about her work and experiences.

When: February 19, 2020, 19:00-22:00

Where: Café Lumen

More info: Event

E N I H O R N X Alma Vetlényi Showroom Party

A radical change of lifestyle is not the only way to do something for the protection of our planet, small steps also count: for example, if we support issues promoting environmental consciousness and responsible thinking about our future. A small step could be visiting the joint fashion show of the E N I H O R N andAlma Vetlényi brands on Tuesday afternoon. Both Hungarian brands represent sustainable solutions and slow fashion against fast fashion. They create durable pieces out of quality materials, with zero waste methods to avoid generating waste during manufacturing. At the joint showroom party, the two brands will present their 2020 spring/summer collections. In addition to supporting Hungarian design and slow fashion, you can also stand by a good cause: at the event, you can purchase the paper flowers decorating the wall of the E N I H O R N Showroom, and you can help the work of the 10 million Trees foundation with the amount generated this way. We will be there, for sure!

When: February 20, 2020, 16:00-21:00

Where: E N I H O R N

More info: Event

Highlights of Hungary Award Ceremony After

The Highlights of Hungary was created in 2013 to evaluate and award the creative sector in Hungary and to report what us, Hungarians, can do each year. The curators work on a wide spectrum, this is how it is possible for us to get to know the nominees of various fields, from outstanding medical performances to successful fashion brands. At the award ceremony organized at Katona József Theater on February 21, we will find out who the audience and the jury found the most successful, and from 22:00, you can celebrate with the nominees!

When: February 21, 2020, 22:00-1:00

Where: Katona József Theater

More info: Event

The Studios ▼ Attila Stark: Puffball Club ▲

Attila Stark, the creator of the legendary Kulo City opens a new exhibition after one and a half years in The Studios. In addition to art books and mural paintings, the graphic materials of Roham launched as an “aggressive fantastic” magazine in 2005 as well as a part of the comics published in the magazine are also created by Attila Stark. Friday night at The Studios, be prepared for rare species, rampant landscapes and machines, and there will also be Close Encounters of the Seventh Kind!

When: February 21, 2020, 19:00-22:00

Where: The Studios

More info: Event

2-day furniture workshop – Bench-making & upholstery | Bench making

Have you ever felt that you are more connected to your IKEA furniture you put together with your own hands than to the one without your hard labor? Us, too! This is why we decided to level up and try out at the workshop of Technika#1 what it is like not only to “lego” the pieces together, but to dive into the whole process and into the creation of a complex piece of complex furniture. At the two-day workshop, you can create an elegant bench that fits well into the hallway, living room or even the bedroom, and, on top of it all, owing to Manohuis, you can also get a taste of upholstery.

When: February 22-23, 2020, from 10:00

Where: Technika#1

More info: Event

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