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Illustrations in the name of environmental awareness | Be Green

The drawings of the Kyiv-born artist Tania Yakunova are influenced by 20th-century design in addition to avant-garde isms. What Tania draws inspiration from also has a big impact on the visual world she creates.

This light, colorful world is reflected in the Be Green project as well. The cooperation with Green Network Energy was created in the terms of environmental awareness to show how fantastic it feels to care about our planet. The fun side of an eco-conscious attitude can be learned through postcards and a desktop calendar.

There is a sentence in each illustration: one encourages us to be aware and attentive, but we also find environmentally conscious transcripts of well-known sayings among them. 

The drawings created during the project not only delight us, but also educate us in a playful way, giving us the opportunity to reach even more people on this important topic. 

Tania Yakunova | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Photos: Tania Yakunova
Source: Behance

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