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Innovative, sustainable and unique – the ARAMETRY experimental clothing brand

Involving the customers in the process of manufacturing a product brings an added value that no mass-produced items can get a hold of. Arametry is piece of clothing based on an innovative production technology, in the preparation of which the user has the main role: its peculiarity lies in that the size and pattern of the Arametry coat can be customized to the user’s needs and taste. The aim of the coat created this way is to reassess the relationship between fashion and the person wearing it, this way contributing to the forming of a more conscientious attitude.

Interview with founders Vera Burány and Fanni Huszár.

What is Arametry exactly, what vision is it built around?

Arametry is currently an experimental project, the aim of which is to involve the customers in the process of the design and to offer a sustainable alternative to fast fashion brands. We create unique and customized pieces of clothing for order, with clothing designs based on generative algorithms, and by combining the digital and traditional production processes.

Besides the unethical and environmentally polluting production that is widespread in the fashion industry, consumer behavior also has an impact on the extent of environmental pollution. With the customers taking part in the design process, they will consider the piece of clothing prepared their own creation, and thus an emotional bond will form with the item. Therefore, the consumer will appreciate it more during usage, and will wear it for a longer period of time, which promotes the lengthening of the service life of the product. Our goal is to make customization available for the masses, and thus to create a more eco-conscious fashion brand granting a unique experience.

The first prototype of the Arametry coat was created under the tender announced by FabLab Budapest and the Distributed Design Market Platform. Was the project specifically created for the tender, or were you guys interested in the topic of conscious and sustainable fashion also beforehand? 

Vera: For me, sustainability has been a key factor in design for years. As the designer of PINKPONILO, I have been watching how different an experience it can result in if the customers are involved in the process of the clothing item’s creation. We met through the community workshop, when Fanni was working on a different tender. We also worked together in relation to my diploma project, in which I was also focusing on how an emotional bond can be formed with the clothing pieces in progress by involving customers in the process, and how this can trigger positive changes in consumer behavior. I love Arametry primarily because it makes this unique experience widely available with the use of digital technologies.

Fanni: At university, I also finished a dressmaker course besides my economics major. I was attracted to digital pattern making and textile industry innovation from the very beginning, this is why I applied to the textile department of FabLab in Barcelona for an internship. Here we experimented with different innovative technologies from bio-textiles to smart clothes. The idea already came to me when I got to know digital production and algorithmic design, and the tender of Fablab in Budapest offered an opportunity, workshop and professional assistance for realizing it. Vera is specialized in sustainability and customized design, so by combining these with technology, we created a truly exciting concept.

Concept drawing

What should one do if they want their own Arametry coat, how does this work exactly?

As a first step, we will discuss the pattern, color and size of the coat with the customer in a consultation. The pattern of the coat is given by a generative algorithm, which enables the creation of different patterns from a single file. The formal basis of the patterns is the same, so some kind of unity still exists on the unique clothes that are the final products of the process.

Currently it is not possible to modify the cut of the coat, however, we would like to make it possible, too, in the future. After consultation, we purchase the materials, and cut the different components with laser, and we engrave the pattern into the material with laser at the same time.

The Arametry coat is characterized by minimalist design and pastel colors. Besides the patterns of the coat, how much room would you like to give to your customers to maneuver in terms of choice of color and materials?

Currently we use two types of materials, neoprene and wool, and the customer can choose from them. We combined 3 colors on the prototypes, but we would like to make 4-5 colors available for customers so that they can combine them as they like. We purchase wool from a Hungarian felt factory, which is one of the most sustainable choices, so therefore we would primarily like to work with this material. Neoprene is, unfortunately, less eco-friendly, but it is recyclable. We wanted to try it out, too, because how the laser cutting machine melts the material results in a very interesting texture.

You have created three prototypes, do you perhaps think about developing another product, with a similar concept?

The first three prototypes of Arametry are essentially the three versions of the same product, with which we wanted to show how a pattern or a design changes during the customization process. In addition, we would like to expand our selection by all means: in the first round, we plan to create three additional clothing items, and the product development process of a laptop bag is currently in progress. We hope we can show it to the audience soon.

What are your plans for the future, how do you plan to promote Arametry?

In October, we participated in the incubator program of Startup Campus and the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency. During the course, we developed the business and financial plan of the venture to be built on the basis of the concept, based on the evaluation of which we got into the best 4 out of the 8 teams participating in the program, and we could present our ideas to Hiventures in an open investment session. We would like to further develop the business plan of our project based on the feedback received here and we would also like to develop an online platform in the future with capital investment. This would allow us not only to sell on the spot and through personal consultation, but also online, and we could enter the international market, too.

If you would also like to try and create your own personalized coat, you can find Arametry in the form of a gift card at the Ajándék Terminál 2019 pop-up fair, until December 24

For further information and new stuff, follow the Facebook page of Arametry!

The portrait photos were made by: Milán Rácmolnár

TheDistributed Design Market Platform international initiative was created under the Creative Europe Program, which lays the emphasis on smart and sustainable design along the principles of knowledge sharing. By founding a new digital market, it creates opportunities for creatives and professionals to promote and make accessible their work across Europe. It’s aim is to support up and coming creators and designers.

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