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International perspectives for second design SPEED mentees

The Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency and the Italian Istituto Europeo di Design launched their second design SPEED program. This time the five Hungarian designers participating in the program can acquire the most important methods and techniques of brand development with the guidance of Italian and American mentors as well as Hungarian experts.

The three stages of the design Speed mentorship program will be held in an unorthodox way, in the digital space this year: in the course of the workshops and meetups, Italian and American professors will help the chosen mentees learn how to position themselves successfully on the Hungarian and international market. This year’s training was also expanded with an additional module: in light of the changed economical situation, the brands also get to improve their sales and commerce skills.

With regard to the epidemic, HFDA offered the program for a much broader scope of applicants compared to previous years, thus in addition to business associations, other players of the sector also got a chance for professional development. The mentees of the second design SPEED program include Error N’ More manufacturing special ceramics, Planbureauknown for creating the Logifaces game, marta edocs famous for her glass combinations, Oleant Lighting, a pioneer in the lighting sector as well as Socowoo, an expert of furniture made of durable materials.

Over the past months, the brands received help and guidance from experts like strategic consultant Jacopo Bargellini, who has worked for Panasonic, JVC and Swarovski earlier, BWC Global Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Alberto Bottalico working with brands like Dyson or Heineken, and international business consultant Anne van Merkensteijn, the brand manager of Procter&Gamble and Kiko.

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