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LASVIT headquarters | Nový Bor, Czech Republic

The visitors of the city of Nový Bor in the norther part of the Czech Republic can witness the meeting of an old craft and contemporary design. LASVIT glass factory renovated a house used by glassmakers for 200 years together with OV-A architect studio, and they also built their new headquarters at the same spot.

Nový Bor in the northern part of the Czech Republic has long been known for its glassmaking traditions: glassmakers have been working at Palackého square since the 18th century. LASVIT glass company renovated two houses of the square building on this tradition, while they also added a completely modern building to the square. 

The company reimagined the houses with Prague-based OV-A architect studio, whom they chose in the framework of a tender. The basic concept of the project was to “shake up” the city while also respecting its traditions – OV-A’s proposal was found to be best suited for the purpose.

In addition to the layout of existing historical buildings as well as the reimagining and renovation of interiors, the newly built black cement building and its glass facade became the latest sight of the city. The structure of the facade made of glass follows the patterns of the neighboring buildings, and was prepared in a quite similar manner. This was ensured by the experts of LASVIT of course, who gave a texture resembling roof tiles to the glass with a special technology, which they then structured as a shingled roof

In addition to the flexible community spaces and offices, an exhibition hall was also established in the new building, giving a space for the company to showcase its large-scale glass installations, sometimes accompanied by musical performances. Simultaneously, the interiors of the old buildings were also renovated, allowing glassmaking specialists to continue their work in the same way their predecessors worked for centuries.

The new headquarters only shows its glassy side to the street, and functions as the lantern of the city in the evenings, all lit up. It’s safe to say that the renovated buildings did shake up the city of Nový Bor giving home to 12 thousand citizens.

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