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LOGITRACK | A new logical game from Logifaces

Sophisticated pastel shades, minimalist architectural forms, exciting 3D shapes. LOGITRACK: the new concrete game from Logifaces for (not only) logical minds. 

Logifaces has been creating hand-made concrete objects since 2015, and their flagship product is an analogue puzzle which develops the ancient Chinese Tangram puzzle further and adapts it into the 21st century. The game consists of prisms with different side height, and has only one rule: you must strive to maintain continuity by placing the elements next to each other. The object does not only pose logical challenges, but creative ones, too, and it also helps us escape our everyday life as a meditative tool. 

In the case of Logitrack, an extra challenge is that we not only have to keep continuity in mind, we must build a track for the 2 metal balls complementing the game set. As the motto of the game also implies “Play with the logic of the slopes”.

“Logitrack combines the almost classic Logifaces with traditional ball track games. The blocks must be combined to form a continuous surface without jumps – this is the old Logifaces rule. At Logitrack, in addition to that, you must also pay attention to the continuity of track sections, and at the end of building, you can test your slope with the attached steel ball” – explains Dániel Lakos, the originator of Logifaces. 

Logifaces offers several different games: you can purchase them not only made out of concrete, but from wood, too, in sets for various difficulty levels. An added value of the game is that in addition to the experience of playing, you can also use them as decoration, and here we should primarily mention Miracle, which also functions as a candlestick or Logiplaces: with the latter, for example, you can create very exciting statue-like relief forms.

Go and give it a try!

Photos: Gergely Schöff 

Logitrack Behance | Logifaces website | Logifaces Facebook

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