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MOME Care Packages | Care pack for the elderly

After the downloadable baby pack, here comes the second edition of MOME Care Packages: the Care Pack targeting the 65+ population. Let’s see the details.

Our readers could already read about the MOME Care Packages initiative earlier. Its essence is to create packages containing downloadable essential information and guides that can be compiled with minimum effort with which we can also support those living in our environment easily, with special regard to alleviating the difficulties emerging as a result of isolation at home. The content of packages, the know-how and the guides are all compiled with the involvement of experts.

But what does the 65+ Care Pack contain?

In light of the epidemic, it is particularly important for the 65+ age group to comply with the requirements pertaining to isolation. Being separated from one’s environment and being cut off from one’s friends and loved ones poses a challenge for many; thus, the package does not only contain items necessary for preservation of health, hygiene and sanitization, but tools and guides giving joy and somewhat mitigating the hardships caused by isolation, too.

“Besides hygiene, the issue of being locked in should also be in focus in this isolated situation. We think caring for them could help reduce the feeling of loneliness and abandonment. To this end, we also recommend added objects to the pack in addition to the sanitizer/organizer that can be hanged on the door that could contribute to the various methods of health preservation and spending one’s free time” – the designers of the 65+ Care Pack, Bori Fehér and Sára Gulyás highlighted.

Just like in the case of the previous Baby Pack, the designers considered it important when compiling the content of the new pack that all items be objects and materials that can be found at home or procured easily. The 65+ Care Pack differs from the previous one slightly in that in addition to the recommended DIY textile sanitizing station (for which a detailed guide was also made), the scope of the objects and tools recommended is broader, so the pack contains various books, cooking-baking magazines, a notepad for shopping, and some recommended exercises, too.

I think the Care Packages will be helpful initiatives especially during the current isolation, but they will be just as much useful in the subsequent period as they promote idea that the importance of social solidarity and helping each other is a lesson the pandemic made us learn and an approach that will stay with us in the long run” – added Bori, the project manager of the Care Packages.

Support the elderly in your environment and visit the website of the MOME Care Packages, where you can access the content of the 65+ Care Pack easily. The next pack will be released on the platform soon, focusing on school-age children.

If you’d like to know more about the previous, Baby Pack MOME Care package, read our article here:

MOME Care Packages | Downloadable Baby Pack

Project manager: Bori Fehér
Designers, researchers: Sára Gulyás, Janka Csernák, Rita Szerencsés, Márton Gosztonyi
Graphic design: Janka Csernák and Gábor Réthi
Video: Jakab Erdély
Photos: MOME Social Design Research Group

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