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Music that connects us | KSO—Kyiv Symphony Orchestra

Designing brand identity is not an easy task. Such a challenge requires a high degree of creativity and sensitivity from the designer. The brand identity of KSO—Kyiv Symphony Orchestra was renewed in 2020 by the graphic design studio GRA Agency. The new visual appearance of the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra has taken on a truly modern and simple form: in 2020, it received a “Best of” award in the Corporate & Brand Identity category of the Ukrainian Design The Very Best Of initiative.

In an infinitely simple, yet well-thought-out and consciously designed concept, black is complemented by a pastel pink shade. Visually, the logo and the pattern that emerges from it form the main motif of the brand identity, in which a mixture of modern and new, as well as a sophisticated and powerful effect can be followed. The aim of the designers was to show the modern face of symphonic music and thereby also reach out to new audiences. The invisible thread that connects music with people also appears in the logo.

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Photos: GRA Agency
Source: Behance

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