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Portraits of Hungary

Youth in Budapest, shot by Hungarian photographers.

Róbert Vincze works in London as an engineer and likes to take photos in his free time: portrait photography is his passion. The girl on the photo is Mara, a student of psychology in Budapest, who is also a successful model. She visited London for business purposes, when Róbert booked her through her agency. The photo was taken on a sunny and cold March day, while they where walking around in Hackney. The photo was made with and old Pentax 35mm film camera, using an expired Agfa film. 

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Balázs Fromm works as a freelance photographer, traveling between Berlin and Budapest back and forth regularly. His portfolio includes several editorials: he shot this pic of Bálint during one of these projects on the Szentendre Island. The minimalist and raw atmosphere of the portrait makes it possible to display the character of the subject – although this shot was not selected into the final material, it remained for for Balázs.

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This analog self-portrait was shot by Anett Pósalaki in December 2019. I take portraits many times so that when I look back later on, I can detect change and the given life phase that the person was or is at the time of taking the photo.” The situations captured by Anett are not alternate dimensions of reality. They intend to demonstrate serenity.

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The picture was shot by János R. Szabó of his girlfriend Hanna in July 2019, at Lake Lacul Reci on Székely Land. They organized a 4-5 day camp with their friends at Bicfalău for the second time last summer. In addition to being a private photo, this picture is a good representation of Hanna, who is happy and proud to travel in the trunk if that’s what it takes for everyone to get to the lake. 

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The photo is part of  Marietta Varga’s series “The Stranger I Know”. In spring 2019, she visited the home of a deceased couple unknown to her. I had contradictory feelings, any time I was standing in their home surrounded by their personal belongings, without their consent.  I was curios, but I also felt remorse. I was hit by sadness, but I felt excited at the same time. The series was made to commemorate the couple who once lived in the apartment, and it was an experiment aimed at finding out whether it is possible to connect to unknown people by exploring and examining their personal belongings.

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Éva Szombat created this photo of Bálint (to the left) and Dávid (to the right) during the shooting of the 2017 summer campaign of OST Konzept.  The material was made in Cinema City Westend, where they arrived early in the morning in order to finish shooting before the first matinées start. Now this seems a very distant memory, and so does the hope of ever sitting in these rooms”  – wrote Éva.

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The photo was taken by Géza Talabér during the shooting of a commercial where he worked as a werk photographer in December last year. They spent the day in a dark hangar, as the scene was set in the night according to the concept. The boy on the photo played a young inventor in the commercial. Géza had several exhibitions showcasing his portraits before, and we can also thank him for many cool moments captured at Madách tér.

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