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This year marks the seventh year celebrating the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 in one way or another. The ideology of the revolution of 1848-49, as we have also highlighted last year has virtually became inseparable with our magazine, since this was the first topic in March 2013 for which we created our own piece.

This year, we present you a more dynamic and complex piece than the ones before. We headed off to the city, and this way our galloping hussar showed up at  many locations in Budapest during the evening.

Trombita harsog, dob pereg,
Kész a csatára a sereg.
Süvít a golyó, cseng a kard,
Ez lelkesíti a magyart.

Petőfi Sándor – Csatadal

The trumpets blare, drums beat a call;
Our boys go forth to fight or fall:
The bullets whistle, sabres clash,
This fills the Magyar with firm dash:

Sándor Petőfi – War Song

Translated by: WM. N. Loew.

We commemorate the heroes of the revolution with these lines and the video made for the 171st anniversary.

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