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Shape-shifting controller | MORPHOX

The modular controller can take the shape of a steering wheel, a gun or even bike handlebars.

In parallel with recent technological developments, game developers also keep coming up with new game modes, however, controllers haven’t undergone a radical transformation for a long time now.

Chinmay Gohil proposes a transformation with his concept of a modular controller titled MORPHOX, inspired by the well-known shape of current devices. The controller can be transformed into a device resembling a gun or a steering wheel depending on the type of game, and so it can be adapted easily to the given gameplay.

The question is how the innovative solution can become viable from a technological point of view. For example, where to and how is the steering wheel connected? To what extent do we have to relearn the mode of control used in the case of traditional controllers in “gun” mode? Nevertheless, with further testing of technological solutions, the exciting device can bring our gaming experience to a whole new level. Can’t wait to see it!

Source: Yanko Design

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