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Shiba inu pins for everyone! | POPpins x Madzag

Pug, French bull dog, pumi, puli, dachshund, chihuahua, corgi, shiba inu – these breeds competed for the hearts of the audience on the vote announced by POPpins and Madzag. After a close contest, it turned out on March 1 that the followers fell in love with the shiba inu dog breed the most. Soon anyone can be a proud owner of the fluffy dog with a fine tush – in the form of a cool pin. 

Photo: Kárász Karolina Photography

We are great fans of both the POPpins and the Madzag brands so we were especially happy when these two found each other. Ramóna Udvardi creating the colorful and bold pins and Melinda Molnár designing unique hand-made dog accessories were thrown together by fate at a dog fair in December: this was when the idea of a collaboration conceived in their minds. 

We can also find other dog-inspired pins in the selection of POPpins: by which we mean the golden „Puppy” and the nickely Dog and granny items, and Madzag already made dog memory games. And now they rejoice dog fans with an exceptional collection.

The designers turned to the audience a few weeks ago and asked them to choose the dog breed they liked the most. Out of the competition of scruffy sheepdog, wrinkled grunters, fine tushes and active small stuff, shiba inu emerged as the winner finally. The drawings created about the adorable creatures were made by the permanent illustrator of Madzag, Levente Csordás.

Soon the pins shaped like cute shiba inus will debut. For further details, check out the Facebook page of POPpins!

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