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Songs tied together by visuality | Album covers by Kata Moravszki

How can completely different musicians such as the Foo Fighters and Miles Davis be brought together through graphic design? That was the question the international open call entitled Secret7 was seeking answers to. Hungarian designer Kata Moravszki gave an ingenious answer.

Vinyl fans—at least the ones I know—are just as enthusiastic about the joy of listening to music as they are about the object itself, meaning not only the disc but also its cover. Musical visualization can be a rewarding task for a graphic artist—and it certainly was for Kata Moravszki when she created album covers for the open call entitled Secret7 based on the songs of seven performers from a wide variety of genres. “Musical visualization is a rewarding task because you are completely free to illustrate, there are no constraints. Lyrics take on an entirely different interpretation depending on how that particular song fits you,” says Kata commenting on the project.

Aretha Franklin – One Step Ahead

The concept of the Secret7 project is that they list seven tracks from completely different genres, and graphic designers are invited to create album covers for each. “This project was explicitly experimental. The point was to figure out how to bring seven completely different songs on the same wavelength, harmonizing them through the style and colors of the illustrations, regardless of their meaning,” says Kata, who also told us that the anonymous design competition inspires even world-famous artists each year such as Anish Kapoor, Lubaina Himid or The Connor Brothers.

Foo Fighters – This Is A Call

Kata dreamed up her own cover arts with a monochrome color scheme, yet they still reflect many emotional nuances. And if we pay attention to the lyrics, they become even easier to interpret.

The Internet – Come Over
Miles Davis – Miles Runs The Voodoo Down
Vampire Weekend – Harmony Hall
Koffee – Toast
Bob Dylan – Blind Willie McTell

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