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Sophistication and innovation on water | Duna Hajók

The harmony of tradition, innovation and sophisticated design in a single boat: as a Hungarian-developed electric boat, the Duna 6.1 offers quality and high-end solutions characteristic of larger yachts in a smaller, more compact size. Let’s see the details!

Péter Győrffy leads the woodworking and shipbuilding company named Duna Enterior in Győr with nearly 30 years of experience, with a profile focusing on interior design projects as well as shipbuilding and renovation.

“Péter Lakasz and I have been working together since 1998—he is both a good friend and business partner of mine. We completed our first project together in 1999, the 25 feet sailing boat dubbed Rivális, which won the Special Award of the fair in Győr at the time and was sold in only two weeks—we started out as a success story. Then we mainly focused on development and purchased a 1000-square meter plant. We started mechanization, kept improving our skills and knowledge and started to receive more serious jobs. Our team of eighteen has completed several interior design projects and ship renovations both on a domestic and international level in our plant operating on a manufactory basis,” said Péter Győrffy, owner and executive director of Duna belsőépítészet Kft.

After having renovated all kinds of carved, baroque, renaissance and modern furniture as well as ships of various brands including Riva, Boesch, Chris-Craft and Archangeli, they felt that they haven’t reached their full potential and were looking for new challenges—this is how they ended up designing a custom-developed boat in 2016, while in 2018, they expanded their team with Tamás Jakus, who is in charge of design.

In recent years, they have been asking their clients what an ideal boat is like for them: most of them said it shouldn’t be too small or too big, should come with sleeping options for two or three people, it should have a deck for sunbathing, and, above all, it should be comfortable. Finally, the electric boat dubbed Duna 6.1 was born in 2020 under the brand Duna hajók (Duna Boats) by merging all these into a vessel in the spirit of tradition, design and innovation. 

“When designing the boat, we turned to our 25 years of experience: we tried to eliminate the usual handicaps of boats of this size but included their tried-and-tested features. We wanted our boat to provide the maximum in terms of spaciousness and optimum use of space, according to a well-thought-out concept,” Péter highlighted. “We also strived to use traditional solutions: instead of the quick but often poor quality production methods that are so popular today, we opted for real, hand-crafted teakwood both in terms of the deck and the built-in furniture. This gives a special feel and a sophisticated, elegant look to the boat, with past and present equally dominant,” he added.

The Duna 6.1 can be used by anyone, even by families. Its sun deck as well as its spacious sleeping and resting cabin can comfortably accommodate up to three people, and there’s no need to stoop even while sitting. Comfort is provided by the three-person sofa seat, a teak table with height-adjustable and fold-out elements, two folding side benches and a full-featured refrigerator. To meet all needs, in addition to the electric version, the Duna 6.1 is also available with an outboard petrol engine.

The compact luxury boat already enjoys great interest. After its debut at the International Boat Show, it has also been awarded at the Hungarian Design Award 2020, and once allowed by the pandemic, it will be exhibited at numerous Hungarian and foreign fairs.

Inspired by the initial success, Péter Győrffy and his team is already working on the next, outboard version of the Duna 6.1, this time representing a lower price category. “As we all know, Győr is a city of waters, Szigetköz is gorgeouswe would like to introduce the beauty of nature to a broader audience on the water, too,” he added.

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