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Special flower and plant shops in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

If it’s spring, it’s flowers, if it’s an always favorite decoration, it’s flowers too. A beautiful flower shop is always very attractive, but what makes flower shops really decorative? Is a series of flowers with beautiful colors of the rainbow enough, or a seductive, jungle-like environment created by plants?

Celebrating spring in our selection today, we take a look at the most beautiful, special flower and plant shops in Eastern Europe, where it is guaranteed that not only plants are attractive. 

Minimal and industrial | Dnipro, Ukraine

Minimalist space with concrete walls and metal pipes. Five Flowers’ not ordinary flower shop is made up of such simple materials, making the shop a special and modern store window for the main characters, the flowers.

Photos: Serhii Hotvianskyi (Nottdesign) 

Colors in all quantities | Vienna, Austria

The Viennese Dolls Blumen is a fan of flowers with glorious colors. In the shop, they make special bouquets and decorations with passion—of course for events as well, as not only they are dazzled by the prolific cavalcade of colors provided by a large bouquet.

Nice with green | Budapest, Hungary

For anyone whose taste is not the splendor of color, but rather finds the aesthetics or serenity in the simple beauty of plants, plante. is the right place. It’s also a shop operated with passion where it’s worth just looking around, as its atmosphere is captivating thanks to its minimalist decorations.

Concrete jungle | Kyiv, Ukraine

The Ukrainian flower shop Dicentra was designed by Rina Lovko Studio on a small budget. Their idea was to make everything look untouched—so you can understand the many asphalt and concrete surfaces that give the effect of unfinishedness. In addition to concrete, aluminum also appears, which is matched by details such as cables that are intentionally not covered.

All for nature | Prague, Czech Republic

In every way, Green Decor in Prague strives to pay more attention to environmental awareness and operate ethically. Their regular workshops allow us to get closer to the plants to work with for creative recreation.

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