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The coolest house in the country

A postmodern container house made of glass, on concrete poles—we are not sure we would vote confidence to the project based on the description, but luckily the photos speak for themselves. 

Located in Avala Mountains in Serbia, the primary goal of Avala House is to blur the boundaries between inside and outside. Every wall of the single-story building designed by Zürich and Belgrade-based TEN studio has been made of steel, and are incorporated into a 3.2 meter tall steel grid frame.

The steel frame covers a total of 156 square meters, with a 50 sqm interior space, but by opening every wall, the terrace can also be turned into a habitable area with just a few moves.

This transparency can also be observed in the interior: there are no walls separating the various functions (the kitchen, an office, a bedroom and a toilet).

Source: designboom

(Photos: designboom, TEN studio)

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