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The face, the pool, two towers and a ruin

Modern housing estates are harsh. Haszkovó is no different. Their story intertwined with unbearability, greyness and soullessness. Can something giving home to twenty thousand people be grey and unbearable? Is it possible that these stereotypes only prevent us from looking at these housing estates as true cities and thus from complementing them with creative ideas?

The book of Italian architect Aldo Rossi published in 1966 under the title “The Architecture of the City” was one of the first after the long end game of modernism to bring back the problems of historic time and collective memory in the definition of the identity of the city into the architectural discourse. 

Photo: Marietta Varga

The aim of the exhibition created for the occasion of the Veszprém Design Week is to attempt to complement the architectural deficiencies of modern housing estates following the ideas of Aldo Rossi with the help of five giant and playful pieces of furniture, and to prove that Haszkovó is just as much of a district as the downtown of Veszprém, only the elements we like to reminisce about have not yet come into being, such as the “Zsuzsi statue”, the “clock” or the “fire tower”. The exhibition attempts to create these. The pieces of furniture will be open for viewing for two weeks in Haszkovó housing estate, then a vote will be held to find out which of the five the habitants of the housing estate would like to “keep”, and which will be gifted to other districts of the city.

Photo: Marietta Varga

The exhibition invites up and coming international architects to Veszprém once again after the 12 walls – architecture and contemporary ornamentation held last year. The five installations will be designed by British, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian architects – this way presenting the architectural perspectives of five countries. 

Photo: Marietta Varga

Curated by: 
Attila Róbert Csóka
Szabolcs Molnár
Szilvi Német
Dávid Smiló

Exhibiting artists:
Edward Crooks
Point Supreme
Paradigma Ariadné 

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