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The most beautiful tea houses in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

There are few things a hot cup of tea could not fix. We are already pleasantly influenced by the process of making tea, and teas made from herbs also contribute to our health with numerous good properties. This ceremony reminds us that it is good to slow down sometimes and dedicate time to ourselves. Tea houses and tea shops are becoming more and more popular, so there are quite a few places in Eastern Europe where we can go for a hot drink—because there is only one better thing besides drinking tea: if we can do it together.

Traditions in modern guise | Prague, Czech Republic

Designed by A1Architects, the Tea Mountain tea shop is a haven after a tiring day, as well as a tea house that preserves the traditions of tea culture, with a modern look.

Advanced relaxation | Kyiv, Ukraine 

The transcendence is enhanced by the Chaugan in Kyiv: the tea bar offers us time travel. In the indoor and outdoor spaces, we can comfortably enjoy the pleasures provided by tea while relaxing alone or with our friends.

Perfect harmony | Budapest, Hungary

Zhao Zhou is special in many ways. A real refuge and an island of tranquility in the heart of Budapest, where those interested in tea are welcome with open arms. Everything here is based on tradition, so if you want a really special and honest tea experience and want to delve into the subject in a fresh and modern shop, this is the place for you!

Tea room in the middle of the city | Warsaw, Poland

Odette is more of a tea shop for the urban, often rushing person. In the shop located in the city center, we can also pick up a cake with our chosen tea. But let’s be ready: their tea selection is huge and colorful, from all over the world.

Tea in a new dimension | Prague, Czech Republic

We close our selection with a special shop. A special feature of the central space of the Czech Dilmah Tea boutique is the original skylight, which geometrically follows the wooden slat structure, creating a bright centerpiece. This is how a tea shop with an unusual interior was formed.

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