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This SSD device survives it all

This brand new tool provides a solution for a huge difficulty in the world of creative professionals, and can be considered a revolutionary innovation not only in its function but also in its size. Here’s the world’s smallest, impact- and water-resistant SSD, the ECLLPSE!

The world is clearly moving in the direction of increasingly compact yet all the more powerful gadgets, and this competition is so fast that sometimes we get perplexed by the variety. Our current revolutionist is an external data storage device that resembles a USB drive in its size, but in terms of technology, it’s more like a small server. All this unique ingenuity is protected by a water- and impact-resistant housing. It’s tiny but mighty: the data transfer speed of the device is four times faster than that of a generic hard drive, allowing it to transmit a 20 GB 4K video to our device in 39 seconds. The creators opted for a modular design that comes with multiple built-in adapters, making it easy to switch between devices, such as tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Source: Indiegogo

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