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Tirana Vertical Forest | Stefano Boeri

Almost each and every project of the Italian architect office of Stefano Boeri in Milan could be named a vertical forest in light of the fact that he has designed buildings of the kind everywhere from Mars (?!) to China. Although he does not have a Mars office, he does have one in China and Albania in addition to the one in Milan, so it was a reasonable move for him to design some kind of vertical forest to Tirana after China. We have recently written about Tirana in relation to another skyscraper.

The vertical forest in Tirana will be an evergreen tower rich in Mediterranean colors, where the character of the building will be dominated by yellow and purple flowers, as well as myrtle and rosemary in addition to the obvious green color. With the 145 trees, in addition to the 3200 shrubs and bushes, the façade of the building will provide green areas of 550 square meters to the city.

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