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Tokyo 2020 – kinetic sport pictograms

It is perhaps the most exciting professional challenge to work with a team in charge of the image of the Olympics: to design a complex visual system that people are most likely to remember for years, and hopefully it will serve as an example for future design works and sports events.

The Japanese could handle the initial plagiarism scandal quite effectively, and today they are promoting the Olympic Games to be started in five months with a full-fledged image.

Although we have seen some designs for the pictogram system of this year’s games previously, the final result comes with a brand new direction, as this will be the first case in the history of Olympic Games that the pictograms will move. If the pictogram system designed by Otl Aicher for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich can serve as a reference even today, maybe these animated figures can also introduce a new style into the world of pictograms.

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