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We love this section because it makes us realize how diverse our close neighbors are. This time, Poland is in the focus, where the traditions of handicraft and the application of new technologies are present at the same time, sometimes even within a single product. An exciting journey from the 3D printed mini greenhouse to the Mickey Mouse armchair.


All products of the Warsaw-based uauproject are made of PLA, i.e. bio-plastic, with 3D printing technology. As a result of the technology applied, they practically operate in a zero-waste manner, they manufacture their products for order, and customers can choose from more than 100 shades. Justyna Fałdzińska and Miłosz Dąbrowski would like to prove that 3D printing technology enables the production of tasteful and useful objects that could hold their own in any household. We kind of have a feeling that the Italian Memphis group woke up from their Cinderella dream! And what does the online storeoffer? Lamps, vases and candlesticks of different shapes and sizes, which can light up even the most boring interiors, for sure. Our personal favorite is the mini greenhouses named GROWW. All of them are true must have pieces!


Flower pot-holder – this is what Kwietnik means. Each and every one of us remembers the metal structures, room dividers and stands that could be found in every tower block apartment and made us feel in a little oasis, especially if complemented by the wallpapers with huge palm tree patterns. Anyone who knows what we are talking about right now will simply love the pot holders of Kwietnik. Of course, these objects that we have known for long from the past have a different impact in today’s apartments: following the “less is more” rule, they can look bold in any minimal interior. One may also find magazine holders that can be fixed on the walls and concrete pots, and even a very special accessory: you can place kokedamas in the INGA MOON and INGA SUN metal holders. So, for example, if you like the local Petite Planet Kokedama plants, but are having trouble placing them, check out the virtual store of Kwietnik!


The Phormy furniture brand was established by architect-designer Max Kobiela. We haven’t noticed him until now, but since we discovered him, we have the feeling of dealing with a global brand: quality materials, plain design, professional website – no wonder they have already won numerous international awards over the years. One of these awards was the Diamond of Design prize, which they won with their piece of furniture called PUFFY: you can rest your feet comfortably on the soft carpet surface standing on metal legs, and it can also be used as a simple seat in the living room or the hall. While an ottoman makes us think of a heavy, stubby piece of furniture, Phormy created a light and elegant piece. Amongst their dish cabinets, we were particularly charmed by UMAMI: a piece that has a Japanese feel to it. In addition, they offer delivery tables, mirrors and work desks, and they also thought of a stylish bed for pets: the CATBOX piece was designed especially for cats, made out of breech. But what really blew our mind is the limited collection designed for Disney: AKA this is how Mickey Mouse, Woody, Hulk and Chewbacca would look like if they were pieces of furniture. Wow! The chairs can be viewed by those arriving at the reception area of The Walt Disney Company office buildings.


MK STUDIO is kind of the odd one out in this selection, as although the founder of the brand is Polish, the brand itself has been operating in Denmark for years now. Designer Magdalena Kałużna and her chef partner, Mihal create their unique ceramics pieces together as fans of gastronomy and arts. They met in Poznan, and today they create their colorful and joyful mugs and bowls in a little workshop, where we could also witness the processes of design and manufacturing, as the store and the ceramics studio are only divided from each other by a glass wall. The fortunate constellation of design and gastronomy under their hands not only resulted in their own collections, but also in collaborations: including, for example, the Barista World Cup in 2016, for which Magdalena designed the winning cup, and in relation to which the unique ceramics of the designer were also included in the range of products offered by the store of The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen. Koppi, one of the best Swedish coffee roaster companies has ordered a set from her, too. The shapes of the cups, plates and milk jugs are extremely plain; the marble-like “sprinkled” surface is what makes these pieces truly unique. Don’t worry if you are not going to Copenhagen anytime soon, as you can also browse through the beautiful pieces in their online store.


If you are looking for authentic Polish illustrations, go and check out Nioska. The creator of the colorful and playful graphics and the founder of the brand is Katarzyna Bogucka. She works with her husband, who is primarily responsible for managing the art projects concerning the brand. In addition to selling their own collection, Katarzyna is one of the most popular illustrators in Poland: her drawings can be seen in many magazines, books and periodical publications. They also design wallpapers and interior textiles. And that is not all! The designer’s graphics are also displayed at numerous public spaces: for example, if you are in Lódz, make sure to look around at Fabryczna station, where you can see her mural created with Beata Szczecińska. We can imagine something of the like on the lines of the metro in Budapest, too!

In our weekly series, we are presenting such Czech, Slovakian, and Polish brands and design spots, who we think are worthy to join our mental design map. It is a teaser guide for those who are curious about other things than the usual tourist sights.

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