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Vintage treasures in a new context

Vintage Chinese thermoses, organic-shaped vases and other household and decor objects on photos evoking the atmosphere of Miami Vice: a visual artist, an architect and a photographer teamed up to give new life to our old things. 

Zsófia Keresztes and József Konrád launched their Facebook and Instagram page under the name Lomlé a month back, but they have been thinking about it for a long time. “We would like to distill the essence of these old things” – Zsófi highlighted, who previously studied painting and ceramics. “The motivation was brought by my passion for collecting. Going to flea markets have already been a regular program, but we only collected the items for ourselves. This hobby started to grow stronger, and I thought it could be more exciting if the story did not end in our flat and if not every glass with a gilded brim, pourers with kittens on them or mugs with baby heads broke here, while I washed them“ – she continued. 

“Looking up the special objects is very exciting, and then I imagine how they would look in the space, and I see how these old, discarded items get a whole new meaning in their new environment” – József added, who joined the project as an architect.

Zsófi and József collect the majority of the objects from flea markets in the countryside and neighboring countries, and then these are captured by Krisztián Zana on his simple yet unique photographs radiating a special atmosphere. The ambience of the photos can easily be associated with film, photography or music history references, too. Lomlé is, essentially, a visual experiment and a shared work of art at once.

“When we first started thinking about what kind of photos we wanted to see on the site of Lomlé, we immediately agreed that we didn’t want to create simple product photos: we wanted to go one step further, we wanted to see something different” – Krisztián explained. “In the absence of rules and expectations, Lomlé turned out to be a very enjoyable playground and experimental lab, and we all handle it as an art project, with which we can entertain ourselves, too” – he added.

The carefully selected items can also be purchased on Lomlé’s social media sites. The good news is that the team is already looking for the perfect warehouse where those interested could book a date and pick their favorites in person. They also plan to showcase the most exciting photos in the form of a fanzine-like publication and a pop-up exhibition. We can’t wait to see them!

If you’d like to shop your own Lomlé item, go and check out the Facebook and Instagram page of the project!

Lomlé | Facebook | Instagram
Krisztián Zana | Web

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