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Vnitroblock | Prague

Voilà, a perfectly implemented solution for the „what should we do with worn-out industrial buildings?” problem: we discovered Vnitroblock creative center in Holešovic district of Prague, where the interior also deserves our attention besides the concept.

A dominant dilemma of metropolises is what to do with old and abandoned industrial parks that have lost their function, yet, the answer should come easy: they should be reused! Although there have been some promising initiatives in Hungary, too (for example, Öntöde at Népsziget or Artus Stúdió), Vnitroblock in Prague could solve the most dreaded challenge of re-thought industrial buildings: it was incorporated into the circulation of the city, and it became a continuously pulsating center.

The concept of Vnitroblock is especially exciting because instead of defining itself as a simple contemporary cultural center, it consciously took a step towards the mainstream. This is how a cool sneaker store could also be placed next to the exhibition space, and a cool café was established next to the underground theater. And even so they had some free space, which they luckily did not leave empty: a dance room, a cinema and a store offering sustainable and contemporary design goodies are also included in the palette of Vnitro. This diversity makes it possible for mediums that would otherwise never meet each other to clash: the dance room gives space to classic ballet, yoga and street dance classes, too. 

The spiteful could think that creating an industrial interior is not that big of a deal, as the style is quite in right now, it is enough to shuffle in some pieces of furniture bought at the flea market, hang some light bulbs, and there we have it. Fortunately, in the case of Vnitroblock, the interior spaces were designed in a more conscious manner, and they managed to preserve the feel of spaciousness, while making those wandering in feel like home at the same time. The end result is, therefore, an inclusive and inspiring space – it’s like Merci store in Paris meets Élesztőház in Budapest, but in addition to shopping and consuming, one can also dance and network here!

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