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Would you like a beer? | TOP 5

In this wonderful weather, we are already very thirsty for a delicious craft beer—or two! In our selection today, we collected five must-see locations in Eastern Europe where we can enjoy the company of our friends among the finest beers.

Fabrika the beer pub | Bratislava

Located in the center of Bratislava, not far from the train station, Fabrika awaits its visitors with a unique atmosphere, professional staff and plenty of excellent home-brewed beers. The interior was designed with particular care, which makes the beer tasting experience much cozier. In addition to special homemade beers, you can choose from burgers, grilled sausages or quesadillas.

The Garden Brewery | Zagreb

In the eastern industrial part of Zagreb, in an excitingly renovated factory building, you can taste the latest creations of The Garden Brewery. At the characterful venue, we can quench our appetite with a handcrafted hamburger at noon, while in the evening, we can quench our thirst with a delicious pale ale in the company of our friends.

BeerGeek Bar | Prague

In the Czech capital, there are plenty of bars and pubs: if you are tired of simple, commercial beers and would like to try something else, be sure to head to the BeerGeek Bar. From the taps, you can try something new from the largest, sophisticated selection of handcrafted beers in the Czech Republic. However, do not plan dinner here, they only offer salty snacks along with drinks.

Lajbah | Ljubljana

A must-see venue for lovers of craft beers is the Lajbah pub in Ljubljana. Twenty-three different Slovenian and foreign draft beers can be tasted in a cozy location not far from the Old Town. In addition, you can choose from about one hundred and thirty types of bottled beers from all over the world, or taste the offer of Slovenian artisanal microbreweries. Instead of a selection of classic burgers, they’ve put together a menu that offers something for everyone, including vegetarians.

Multi Qlti Tap Bar | Krakow

In the center of Krakow you can find a pub on every corner, but if you want a good atmosphere, a large selection, but a good price, Multi Qlti is the place for you! From the taps, we can try Polish and foreign beers from twenty different regional and artisanal breweries. For snacks, you can ask for locally baked pizzas or handcrafted burgers with crispy fries.

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