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LNG: A plakátverseny nyertesei

STGU, the associacion of graphic designers in Poland presents the winning posters, promoted Polish invention in the development of liquid gaz technology. The associacion together with LNG (ang. Liquied Natural Gas), a company responsible for the construction of a terminal in Polish seaside city, Świnoujście, organized a poster competition on that topic. All 12 posters presented will be seen in the cities.

LNG is going to bulid a terminal, a kind of installation, which can receive liquid gaz from almost all countries. This is the first project like this in Poland, but also in Central and Eastern Europe.

Iwona Gabryś Atelier_Szesk Katarzyna Zapart Anna Chmielnik Dominik Kiepuszewski Jędrzej Chełmiński Leszek Zebrowski Maciej Mraczek Maciej Mytnik Maciej Wolański Marta Stawarczyk Piotr Depta