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A 35-meter high suspended swimming pool | Sky Pool

In London’s Nine Elms, a completely transparent swimming pool forms a bridge between the tenth floors of two buildings: lucky residents can even swim across to the neighbor.

The twenty-five-meter-long structure is the largest freestanding acrylic pool in the world, and the showpiece of a real estate development project called Embassy Gardens. Lucky residents of the luxury homes near the US Embassy and the River Thames can enjoy views of the Palace of Westminster and the London Eye while swimming.

The pool was built in Colorado and then placed between the two houses following an eight-thousand-kilometer journey. The water filled into it weighs 375 tons and, with a depth of three meters, it provides a perfect swimming experience. The side walls are two centimeters thick, while the pool floor is three centimeters thick. The structure is held in place by a steel frame.

The official opening is May 19, until then, we just have to believe what the project directors are saying: swimming in it feels like flying.

Source: CNN

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