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The most beautiful railway lines in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

A train ride can evoke countless feelings in us: the rumbling train, the slowly passing landscape, and the experience of traveling can evoke nostalgic images of the memories of our childhood. We haven’t had many opportunities to travel in the past year, which is why we’re thirsty for the sight of special landscapes and routes. In our selection today, we took a look at the special railway lines in Eastern Europe.

Railway line Belgrade, SerbiaBar, MontenegroHiking à la Balkan

Leaving the Serbian capital during the train journey, we can explore the most varied faces of the Balkan region. We make our way through the crags of the Dinaric Alps, sometimes between mountains and valleys, and sometimes through narrow bridges across rivers. Admiring the richness of the landscape, the twelve-hour train journey is not for nothing for a minute.

Semmeringbahn | Our fixed-rail heritage

The forty-one-kilometer-long section of Europe’s first mountain railway, built between 1848 and 1854, was a real engineering feat in its day. Tunnels and viaducts cut through the breathtaking Austrian countryside, which in 1998 was a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Klevan, Ukraine | The tunnel of lovers

There is clearly a place in our collection for an odd one, the tunnel for lovers in Klevan. On this section of unparalleled beauty, we can observe what it is like when there is hardly any limit to the proliferation of nature: the train running here has formed the tunnel shape of the forest that is still visible today. It is believed that the wishes of the lovers who visit here come true.

Bohinj railway line | By steam locomotive between Italy and Slovenia

In 1904, when the Bohinj railway was built, this section was the shortest route to the Adriatic Sea. To this day, this line also includes Slovenia’s longest railway tunnel and longest railway stone bridge, the Solkan Bridge across the Soča River.

Mariazellerbahn | Winter fairy tale in Austria

The electric locomotive connects the town of St. Pölten in Lower Austria, with the town of Mariazell in Styria. The line, built at the turn of the century, is a spectacle that fits in a fairy tale during winter.

Photos: eurotribe, trekhunt, bucketlistly, Oleg Gordienko, Mirko Bijuklič, Alan Kosmač, Herbert Ortner
Source: Lonely PlanetUnesco, Inhabitat, Slovenia.info, Mariazellerbahn

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