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A city built of recycled waste

The joint project of Norwegian startup Othalo and the United Nations’ urban development program responds to the shortage of construction materials and the utilization of plastic waste at the same time – and now they also have architect Julien de Smedt on board.

Othalo and UN Habitat’s project would start building cities from recycled waste in Sub-Saharan Africa first. The low-cost modular houses will be designed by Julien de Smedt, using plastic to build their walls and main structure. 

“The patent contains a loadbearing structure and a supportive and insulating structure” – Othalo founder Frank Cato Lahti told Dezeen.

The houses would be built on site in all cases, as their raw materials will also be provided by the plastic waste piled up in the given neighborhood. Othalo plans to commence manufacturing in 2022.

Source: Dezeen

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