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Renovation of the Headquarters of the Order of Architects of Romania | Bucharest, Romania

Built in 1927, the house was once the family home of the Romanian architect Florea Stănculescu. Renovation of the neo-Romanesque style building began in the mid-2010s, today it’s the Headquarters of the Order of Architects of the country. PACE has added the building to its selection because of its renovation solutions that are creative yet respectful of the past

The Starh architecture studio renovated the house, built in 1927, with the preservation of the old, original elements and almost invisible additions. It was an exciting task for the designers to determine the extent to which they could reform the building—and this resulted in playful solutions in many areas.

From ancient beams through surviving bricks to stove tiles, architects viewed every detail as an artefact, and accordingly subtly put them into the overall picture.

Although the main function of the building is to house the office and library of the Order of Architects of Romania, the house in Bucharest, which was handed over in 2017, was already designed during the renovation to also serve community functions. This way, it can also host exhibitions and cultural events, and thus has an impact on the entire area (an old, but not frequented part of Bucharest).

In our PACE X HYPEANDHYPER series, we showcase a prominent contemporary public building from the Central Eastern European region each week. 

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