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Kindergarten | Gdansk

Visual education starts way earlier than elementary school drawing classes. We can be sure that the children who start their social lives in this Polish kindergarten will get a strong basis in the field of design.

Instead of vivid primer colors and sharp lines, BO / SKO interior design studio imagined a completely different interior into this kindergarten located in Gdansk, Poland. The aim of the designers with the pastel colors and moderate shapes was to leave some room for the children’s own imagination and creativity: they believe that the little ones don’t need constant impulses at all.

One can find two play rooms, a toilet for children, a kitchen and offices in the institution of 170 square meters. The designers of BO / SKO studio designed the structure of the kindergarten together with Jezierski Architekci architect studio so that it could adjust to the specific functions the most.

The light, pale colors are anything but depressing, they have a rather calming effect. The pastel blue, yellow and green tones are complemented by concrete and raw wood surfaces and the drawings of graphic artist Magdalena Czechowska.

Playfulness and ergonomics also play a lead role in addition to Scandinavian-like simplicity: the designers paid just as much attention to the little hiding places and nooks as they did to the facilities in the bathroom and the toilet tailored perfectly to the size of children.

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