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Stylish and eco-friendly hideout deep in the forest | hideandseek

The mobile house of the Czech hideandseek brand fits perfectly into the line of special and stylish accommodation. The fabulous and modern cabin does not only look good, but also checks out from an ecological point of view. It goes by the name Aranka.

We were surprised by the choice of name, too, and especially by the fact that there are hardly any free dates left when we could book Aranka – the fancy mobile house is so popular that we couldn’t enjoy the hospitality of the Czech hut until October even if we wanted to. This is comforting, at the same time, as it seems that spending their quality leisure time in an eco-friendly manner is becoming important to more and more people. This is all possible within the walls of Aranka. Out of the selection of hideandseek, only Aranka can be booked at the moment, but the mobile houses named Madeleine and Jasněnka are also under construction.

The mobile house parked near České Budějovice provides good rest to four persons, so families with little children don’t have to worry, either. Aranka standing on steel legs was coated by a light aluminum cover on the outside, while the interior is dominated by natural wood surfaces. The house is fully energy efficient and self-sustained: a woodstove provides heat and it also heats up the built-in sauna. The toilet uses rainwater for flushing, and they ensure the reduction of carbon footprint with the bio-degradable toilet cartridges (also used in the case of motor homes). In addition, the tenants of the mobile house can also contribute to preserving nature directly: the team of hideandseek uses a part of the rental fee to plants oak tree saplings.

However, the hideandseek team does not only ensure the protection of the environment, but the comfort of guests, too: outdoor and indoor showers, fireplace, gas stove, refrigerator, Bang & Olufsen speakers – they offer everything you could need for a stylish long weekend! 

In addition to Aranka, guests can also get to know the real-life Pepe, too, who will be the host and guide. As the manager, he welcomes guests upon their arrival: he informs them about the house rules, and gives some good pieces of advice, but you can also borrow a fishing rod from him if you fancy some fishing at the shore of the lake nearby.

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