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A functional work of art | The redesigned Braun Wandanlage

Design giant, Braun is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. On this occasion, they redesigned several of their iconic models with the help of industrial designer Virgil Abloh: including the Wandanlage stereo.

Braun is one of the companies that determine how our devices look and how they work up to this day. However, a little repolishing doesn’t hurt the classics either, especially if a star designer is working on it: for the centenary of its founding, Braun hired designer Virgil Abloh (who is also a DJ) for the job, who took it as an honor.

The original Wandanlage speaker was designed by Dieter Rams in 1965. The 2021 version was reimagined with a polished chrome surface, inspired by several areas: the copper and silver instruments of the 1920s Mamie Smith blues band and the gleaming cars of 1980s hip-hop stars also hovered before his eyes.

The result is a device that fits as an artwork too, not coincidentally: the designer defines his activity as “functional art” and also uses this expression as a synonym for good design. To experience better the design process and Abloh’s inspirations, he also created a mix with The Chopstars sound designer team. The mix is available on Soundcloud, of course it would be best to listen to it on the Wandanlage…

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