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A modern nomad’s home in the Czech forest | Ateliér Lina Bellovičová

If one has lived a nomadic life for a long time, it is not easy to settle down. If they do indeed decide to stay at one place, probably this is what they would opt for: a home with strong cabin vibes, in the midst of nature.

Architect Lina Bellovičová was commissioned by her client Ondřej to design his home after he decided to settle down. The client, who has commuted between the city and a forest cabin for years, decided that it was time that he had a permanent home after starting a family—and the forest seemed like the perfect choice.

The client outlined three criteria before designing: he insisted that his home was closely connected to nature, that it be built in an eco-conscious spirit and that it had its own photo chamber where he could spend dark evenings developing film. He also had a clear concept in terms of construction materials: he wanted his house to be built of hempcrete—a material less used in the Czech Republic. 

Hemp-based materials are, as a matter of fact, very easy to work with: it is a very popular choice amongst those who start building their houses on their own. The material is made of porous fibers sourced from the inner part of the hemp plant, which is then mixed with a lime-based adhesive. The compound made this way absorbs carbon dioxide: while growing, hemp is capable of absorbing more greenhouse gases than trees, while also producing oxygen. In addition, it provides excellent insulation, and is resistant to fire and mold.

Dubbed House LO, the building’s mass is made up of three elements: two perforated stone blocks and a thin wooden sheet. The living space between the stone walls is separated from the surrounding nature by large sliding windows, while the photo chamber is housed in the cellar. A large terrace runs around the house, being protected from bad weather by the roof overhang covered with a green carpet. Thus the completed house meets all requirements of the client: it merges with the surrounding nature almost completely. 

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