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Light encased in porcelain | Mastro Design

The porcelain’s transparency and the play of light shining through the dotted patterns make the latest lamp family from Mastro Design truly special.

Ceramic artist and designer Márton Strohner founded his brand, Mastro Design, in 2012. The brand’s product range includes household objects, jewelry as well as ornaments, all made of porcelain. Playful, figurative composition and a minimalist attitude both characterize his collections. His latest lamp series, A-Lamp, represents the latter style.

Strohner created the series, which includes table and floor lamps, in 2020, thanks to winning the Lajos Kozma Scholarship of Applied Arts. The designer launched the product family in several pastel color variations, available in glazed and matte finishes. The items are hand-made of porcelain colored with artificial pigments and then high-fired. During the design process, he studied the special translucency of porcelain and the sensitivity of its layers. Márton Strohner has long been involved in the design and manufacturing of porcelain lamps, which are worth considering not only as light sources but also as evocative mood lamps.

“Depending on the intimacy of the space, the intensity and nature of the light produced by the object change in direct proportion. Light intensity is the highest for objects intended for public spaces—such as the living room or the kitchen—and the lowest for objects intended for intimate spaces—such as the bedroom. The former category includes medium-sized and large reticulated objects that are able to let through and project a lot of light, while the latter category includes medium-sized and small objects that I created without reticulations in order to make them as subtle, subdued, soft, and intimate as possible, creating an almost only symbolic light effect,” says the designer.

The series is made up of nine base shapes, all available in different sizes. In addition to porcelain, the lamps also feature cork, high-quality plastic elements, textile cables of different colors and textures, and LEDs with different brightness and light temperature levels.

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Photos: Enikő Kontor

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