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„A mouthful of goodwill” | BeSweet chocolate manufactory

BeSweet, the chocolate manufactory where premium sweets are made by workers with disabilities released a new, Christmas collection.

The mission of Szekszárd-based Kék Madár Alapítvány (Blue Bird Foundation) is to promote the integration of workers with disabilities into the workplace. Initially, the workers of the foundation’s restaurant released various sweets on an experimental basis, however, in the past few years they received funding for creating their own chocolate manufactory and brand. This is how the organization’s own brand BeSweet was created. The primary goal in the course of the branding process was to create a modern yet clean look in line with the values represented by the foundation.

BeOriginal is a sub-brand of classic chocolate bars characterized by extraordinary flavor combinations, the BeFresh products are made of healthy ingredients – including dried fruit and nuts –, while the goal of the BeLocal chocolates is to offer an edible and decorative alternative to surprising our loved ones with yet another knick-knack after returning from a trip. With Christmas around the corner, their palette expanded with new, limited edition goodies: the festive boxes hide orange, ginger, plum, cloves and apple-cinnamon flavored treats.

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Brand concept: Goodwill Communications Kft.
Brand identity, logo and concept: Gábor Perseg, art director
Graphics: Júlia László, graphic designer
Copywriting, PR: András Takó, creative strategist & copywriter

Source: BeSweet

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