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A move well done | Gran Fierro, Prague

The latest hot spot of the Czech capital is Argentinian restaurant Gran Fierro, resulting not only from the food and wine selection, but the interior too, designed by the team of Formafatal.

After their foundation in 2015, one of the first projects of architecture studio Formafatal was the interior design of Argentinian restaurant Gran Fierro in central Prague. Five years later, the restaurant had to move to a new place, and owner Juan Cruz Pacin once again turned to the team led by Dagmar Štěpánová to design the new interior. 

The main goal and, at the same time, the biggest challenge of the project was to incorporate the existing furnishings and the emblematic pieces of the interior into the new space, located in Prague old town, in a historic building belonging to the UNESCO monument zone. The old elements do indeed appear in the new space, but some of them received a completely new function: for instance the steel HEB beams have become the basis of thee benches, the iron bars operate as partitioning elements, while the welded wire meshes serve as the home of plants.

The concrete brick wall defining the entire interior looks as a showcase of corks from afar, yet it’s something much more interesting: Gran Fierro switched from regular charcoal to bio charcoal, which they started making themselves from vegetable waste from the kitchen. The pieces of charcoal integrated into the brick wall stand as a reference to this choice.

“When we discovered that many charcoal productions contribute to deforestation, we decided to spread awareness about it and start producing our own green BIO coal” – explained the owner the reason behind the decision.

Thus the wall is not only a strong visual symbol of the interior, but also represents their entire philosophy. 

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