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A paper fan tells you the exact time | Muji Clock

Time can be measured in countless ways. Here’s the latest model of extraordinary timepieces! The faceless clock designed by young designer Sy Hyin Wong was inspired by MUJI.

Over the past centuries, designers created many clocks differing greatly from the world of ordinary displays. From now on, the Muji Clock also stands in the line of creatively reinvented timepieces, which, instead of using numbers, tells the time with a moving fan. The clock was designed by Sy Hyin Wong, a student of San Jose State University, who started to work on the unconventional device in one of his courses at university. 

To create her own clock, the young designer drew inspiration from MUJI, a brand famous for its endless minimalism: she stripped down the confusing clockface, and replaced the hour hands with an elegant fan. The all zen clock brought the wall-mounted CD player designed by famous Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa in 1999 to our minds, resembling a mechanical fan in terms of its form (and mode of operation). Sy Hyin Wong’s aesthetic fan clock radiates balance on the one hand, and it’s also practical as near-sighted users can easily tell the exact time by looking at the clock, even without glasses.

Source: Yanko Design

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