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Architects and their buildings in Budapest | Ki tervezte?

We’ve come across an Instagram feed filling a huge gap: journalist Zsolt Vékony captures remarkable buildings while wandering on the streets of Budapest and documents them on the social media platform by also naming the architects who designed them.

Sometimes we take the architectural treasures surrounding us every day in Budapest granted. To change this, and to pay a little more attention to the buildings we live amongst, journalist Zsolt Vékony created the Ki tervezte? (Who’s the architect?) Instagram account as a hobby.

“The Ki tervezte? Instagram page was created a few weeks earlier in a completely ad-hoc manner. Obviously the past period heavily loaded with the coronavirus epidemic and the resulting restrictions contributed to it greatly, as my regular daily routine was significantly disrupted by this situation. Most of the time I use public transport to get to my workplace, and even though this didn’t change in the mornings, I find myself choosing to walk home more frequently in the afternoons, after work – and I also do regular walks on weekends.”

Zsolt moved to the capital five years ago from Debrecen, and his initial enthusiasm hasn’t changed a bit. For him, photography and architecture are hobbies: he also pursues the latter in the form of a blog on architecture. 

“I am always eager to know by whom a given building was designed – there are times when it’s relatively easy to find out, and at other times it requires some research, and success is not guaranteed in this case either. The beauty of the Ki tervezte? page is exactly that we know who imagined the given building in every case, as the posts present houses on which the architect or architects placed their signatures. Újlipótváros is a goldmine in this sense: it was quite popular amongst architects to indicate which houses they designed in this area of the city.”

The @kitervezte page does not only serve educational or entertaining purposes. Zsolt’s aim is to make a wider audience understand the modernist or Socialist Realist buildings less appreciated up until now, and thus to make us want to protect these buildings instead of wanting to demolish or alter them.

Ki tervezte? | Instagram

Zsolt Vékony | Instagram

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