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Playing with building blocks on paper | Stampville

Now we know what these gloomy, cold, quarantine-like days need: Aurélien Debat’s special stamp set, turning us into an architect and a contractor at the same time, while sitting at our desk.

Dubbed Stampville, French graphic artist Aurélien Debat‘s set will help you build houses, villages, skyscrapers or an entire city – and all on paper. The set looking like a matchbox allows us to design our own buildings or city by placing various shapes next to each other with the 25 stamps hidden in the box, without a talent in drawing or spatial representation skills. 

The set brings back two dear childhood memories at once, as we all liked to play with both stamps and building blocks as kids. The stamps were inspired by the latter, and were originally exhibited at the artist’s interactive show Tamponville in 2012. At the exhibition, visitors could build not only on paper, but in 3D using cardboard blocks, and Aurélien realized it here that his concept was not only popular amongst children. “It all became truly exciting when adults started to play, too. Actual architectural installations were born this way” – reminisced the artist. It is owing to this success that Aurélien released the Stampville set in cooperation with Princeton Architectural Press. 

The easiest way to get your own set is to purchase it via BookDepository.

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