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Premium sourdough bread from the van | PékTaxi

There are some ideas that – although were inspired by the quarantine – will not only have a place during these times: including Péktaxi, the business launched by Boróka Pintér and Dávid Bali.

I used to spend my summers in a small village as a kid, and so for me having fresh crescents and bread delivered to the house by a truck from the one and only bakery of the villages nearby is not a new phenomenon. Dávid and Boróka’s project PékTaxi works along a similar concept, with the difference that what used to be a large, industrial bakery in my case, in their case it is Szabi A pékone of the favorite premium bakeries of Budapest.

The idea came to the couple when they moved to Pusztazámor and realized that the village and its vicinity did not have its own bakery. They might just as well started baking bread themselves – which a lot of people actually do nowadays –, but they opted for another solution: they got a van and started to deliver the sourdough breads and pastries of artisan bakeries to the area.

Currently we can buy from them twice a week in Pusztazámor, Sóskút, Tárnok and the market at Lake Velence, and once a week in Zsámbék and Százhalombatta. They also keep expanding their venture: in the first half of December, they will get two new cars, will add more locations to their list and they will also place a permanent vehicle in Budaörs. At the moment they work solely with Szabi A pék (Szabolcs Szabadfi), and their cooperation is so harmonious that it will certainly remain at the core of their business in the future, too.

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