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Artisan vodka from crops grown near Chernobyl | Atomik

Can you make the world more beautiful with a shot of vodka? We could immediately say that, of course, since after a few glasses everything will look better. There is a vodka, however, which is meant to be much more than that.

Several years of research and testings preceded the birth of Atomik vodka, which, if it meets the standards, could go into production. Seventy-five percent of the total income would be spent on helping local communities and saving wildlife in the zone.

“I think this is the most important alcoholic drink in the world: it can help those living in and around derelict areas recover economically,” said Professor Jim Smith, who has been helping the work of Chernobyl Spirit Company from the beginning.

At the heart of the label design is a wild boar: one of the species that populate the area even after the disaster, thus symbolizing the power of nature.

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