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As little design as possible | Clemens Strobl winery

Situated in northeast Austria, Clemens Strobl winery’s layout puts the art and craft of winemaking into the focus, while its interior is dominated by the use of minimalist, raw and natural materials and colors. The subdued and sophisticated design was created by Austrian studio Destilat.

The Clemens Strobl family winery is already special in itself: the wines they make come with characteristic flavors, with some experimental feel to them. The characteristic wines of the winery are now being made by the second generation, thus the craft of winemaking came to the center of attention already during creating the new interior, forcing the use of spectacular or loud design elements to take a back seat.

The winery is composed of two renovated and repurposed barns that are connected by a unit of gridded glass. One of the barns has been restored, and still boasts its original brick façade, while the other has been replaced by a contemporary white-painted structure.

To ensure a minimalistic outcome, the designers of Destilat studio opted for a very subdued color palette and visual language, as well as simple materials. “Grey in all of its nuances puts the winemaking process front and center” – highlighted the members of the studio in an interview with Dezeen.

The grey tones are complemented by off-white Heraklith tiles covering the ceiling of the winery (tiles made of a combination of wood and wool – the Ed.), concrete floors and metal barrels. Destilat left a great part of the spaces fulfilling different functions empty, including office spaces, tasting rooms, a kitchen and an event space so that they can act as a “stage” for the natural light streaming in from the windows.

Source: Dezeen

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