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Cavalcade of patterns in a minimalist Polish home

Even though the floor is different in every room, this Polish family home could still preserve its minimalist character.

One can find white walls, wooden and black furniture in this family home located in a little town in eastern Poland. The more we move further in the house, the more exciting the details become: first we see pastel hues, and then truly vibrant colors like royal blue, while the patterned tiles are followed by bold, black and white striped ones.

The ground floor of the two-story residence designed by architecture studio Widawscy is where the community spaces are, while the upper level gives home to the master bedroom and children’s room, all fitted with separate bathrooms, as well as a study. Not only the patterns and materials are noteworthy in this home designed in the spirit of minimalism: the house is full of smart hidden storage solutions so that the least possible objects interfere with the space.

Source: designboom

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