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Comfortably and happily at home, in our personal space – we could summarize the philosophy of Bosnian furniture brand Gazzda something like this. The use of natural materials plays a key role in manufacturing their products, making our living spaces truly homely. 

The band was founded by Salih Teskeredzic in 2013 –since then, Mustafa Cohadzic has also joined the team. The love and admiration for wood comes from Salih, while Mustafa comes from an artisan family, so he has been designing and manufacturing furniture since he was little.

In their furniture collections they place a great emphasis on details as well as the harmony between design and functionality. Their product palette is primarily dominated by living room and bedroom furniture, and their finished products unite three feelings: ease, balance and naturalness. In the followings, we’ll introduce a few pieces from Gazzda’s latest furniture collection.


The lightness of the minimalistic table is balanced by solid oak wood well. Its slim, elliptic legs are combined with an airy and thin tabletop, giving a futuristic vibe to the object. Its surface is treated with an all-natural hardwax oil. The table comes in two sizes, so it’s up to us whether we want to use it as a dining table or a desk. “When creating Teska, my goal was to travel a bit to the future, while keeping the table unique”  – Mustafa told us.


The small, discrete and elegant Nora stool gives a positive vibe to our interior. Its slim and ergonomic seat provides a perfect resting place for our feet. “Looking at it from one angle, the chair has a minimalistic feel to it, while the other angle offers a bolder look. Its position resembling that of animals lends a personality to the piece of furniture”– the designers added.


Fina is essentially a multifunctional storage unit collection fitted with doors, shelves and drawers, available in various sizes. Its light lines are in contrast with the solid wood, steel and linoleum used for its manufacturing.


The same as the Fina storage units, the Fina bed is also built on the contrast between materials. A solid wood frame is complemented with steel legs in every piece – while the steel legs are outfitted with wooden ends. The peculiarity of the Fina bed does not only lie in its use of materials, but its airy appearance, too: “It’s almost as if it were floating comfortably above the bedroom floor. Its airy design invites us to lay down, unwind and for a moment“ – the designers highlighted. Additional advantages of the bed include the fact that it can be assembled within approx. 10 minutes, which was another important factor during design.


Tica is a bird-shaped decorative object made of oak or walnut, symbolizing freedom and a new beginning in our apartments according to the designers. “I drew Tica’s silhouette long years ago. The inspiration came from Charles and Ray Eames’s object House Bird: a small, carved wooden bird, which they got during a trip to the Appalachian. It has become an iconic piece over the years and inspired many other artists” –  Mustafa told us. What’s also interesting about the bird is that its base was made with the method of wood turning, a woodworking technique that is less and less used today. Its minimalistic, one-of-a-kind wings are made of several bent wooden layers, thus giving a progressive feel to the object.

If you’d like to explore Gazzda’s previous collections, too, visit the website of the brand!

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