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Clock, turntable or both?

Designer Joonho Sung came up with a way of combining two household objects one might think only have symbolic functions in today’s high-tech world.

Written by: Márk Szolomayer

It’s not the first time we see a marriage between clocks and vinyls: The White Stripes also known for releasing special merchandise has already distributed one of their singles in the form of a wall clock in 2007, but that object could only be used as a clock.

Vinyl Clock goes one step further: we get an actual clock, which can be turned into a turntable in a few simple steps. This allows us to save some space in a smaller apartment, as any time we are not listening to music, Vinyl Clock will tell the time, but whenever we fancy hearing our favorite albums, it can be deconstructed in order to transform into a turntable.

Joonho Sung’s design is minimalist, elegant and respectful. In addition to the plate of the clock, Vinyl Clock only has manually-automated control dials for both volume and time and speakers, of course.

But how does this object play a record, you may ask. We get the plate on which we can put the records by disassembling the hands of the clock. The second hand of the clock will act as the cartridge of the turntable, resulting in an impressive view while tracking the grooves.

Source: Yanko Design

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